The newest phone unlocking app for 2024 is named ACT Unlock Tool. It is compatible with several new features that simplify phone unlocking.

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The software ACT Unlock Tool V5.5 is free; there is no cost associated with using it.

Overall evaluation

Operating well on Windows 7, 10, and 11, ACT Unlock Tool is a phone unlocking tool for Windows. Free support for many modern smartphones, including Samsung, Qualcomm, and MediaTek; easy to use; I give it a 7 out of 10.

A global mobile repair tool called ACT Unlock Tool v5.5 can unlock a variety of MTK and Qualcomm devices. Any kind of screen lock, including PIN, password, pattern, and fingerprint ones, can be removed using it. Additionally, it is capable of getting beyond the Factory Reset Protection (FRP) lock, which stops you from using your phone after a factory reset unless you enter your Google account details.

Main functions of ACT Unlock Tool

  • Qualcomm
  • Mediatek
  • Samsung All CPU Operate
  • Unlock Frp-Pin-Patern
  • Format Device New-Old Type
  • Imei Repair
  • BackUp-Restore NV
  • Unlock-Relock BL
  • Mi Acc Lock-Relock
  • Refresh Tool Run Again
  • Fastboot-Adb Utility
  • Huawei Remove Frp
  • Driver Package

Change Log V5.5

  • Bootloader Unlock
  • Erasing NV data
  • Removing demo mode
  • Backing up and restoring OEM info
  • Repairing IMEI.

Get the most recent version of ACT Unlock Tool here.

User Login Tool


Link tool

How to use ACT Unlock Tool

Using ACT Tool is quite simple, you just need to open the tool and log in. You need to distinguish the brand or CPU of the device, it will be much simpler. You can see the steps here

  1. Download an Install Tool
  2. Show popup -> Click Next
  3. Click Install
  4. After install done, open ACT Unlock Tool
  5. Enter username, password and Click Login Full Version
  6. Select Brand or CPU, example OPPO
  7. Select the same phone model you need to unlock
  8. Off phone, Hold the volume up and volume down keys tightly and then pin the cable
  9. Wait tool unlock, done

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